Intraoral Scanners for digital impressions

Intraoral scanners for digital impressions

Intraoral Scanners Revolutionise Modern Dental Care

Imagine being able to have a dental impression made without filling your mouth with gooey textures that tickle your throat. Thanks to advanced 3D technology, we can now take “virtual” impressions using digital intraoral scanning technology.

At Dental Art, these tools aren’t just more comfortable for our patients with sensitive gag reflexes, they take our quality of services to an entirely new level.

Greater Accuracy During Restoration Treatments

If you’re getting a new dental crown or bridge made, one of the first things that needs to happen is an impression of your prepared tooth so that our lab can create a custom fitted restoration.

The mould of your tooth is made to create a model, which in turn is used to craft the dental crown or bridge against. Unfortunately, conventional materials can warp, crack, or even alter in shape. You don’t realize it until the permanent crown that you’re fitted with doesn’t fit at all, and you need to have it remade entirely. This is where a digital alternative comes in.

With a digital intraoral scan, the accuracy is 2nd to none. There are no materials that can become warped during transfer, and the risk of human error is completely eliminated. The result? An accurately fitting dental crown or bridge that fits perfectly the very first time. Plus, most of these restorations can be machine milled from a solid block of resin, so that there are no visible metal lines along your gums.

Don’t Forget About Dental Implants!

It’s not just teeth that we use scanners for. Intraoral scanning enhances the dental implant restoration process as well! Whether you have one missing tooth or several, the comfort and convenience of a virtual “impression” makes your experience one that’s efficient and predictable, with less down time.

Planning Treatments like Invisalign and ClearCorrect

Virtual intraoral scans have transformed the way our St Kilda dentists provides orthodontic therapy to patients throughout the greater Melbourne area. How? Because these digital images are electronically transported to Invisalign or ClearCorrect laboratories, where your clear aligners are made.

With a digital replica of your teeth, your experience allows for:

  • Previewing your smile alignment process, including “before and after” before you ever start wearing your aligners
  • Computerised tooth movement for greater accuracy and comfort
    The ability to customise removable, moulded alignment trays and eliminate fixed brackets
  • Digital manipulation of the models prevents the need to have frequent adjustments or longer appointments
  • Faster collaboration between Dental Art and the offsite manufacturer (ClearCorrect, Invisalign) so that you can start treatment sooner

3D Dentistry in Melbourne

At Dental Art, we’ve been serving communities of St Kilda, Elsternwick, Caulfield, Prahran, Windsor and Toorak for more than six decades. But don’t let that long reputation fool you: we continue to implement the very best methodologies and technology for each patient, continually building upon our history as one of Melbourne’s most advanced and experienced practices.

Are you ready to say goodbye to uncomfortable impressions that make you gag? Experience the best results possible in a more convenient manner. Call Dental Art today to learn more about how intraoral scanners are paving the way for better, faster dental care.

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