Dr Rita Trakhtman – Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentist, Dr Rita Trakhtman’s satisfaction lies in achieving pain-free, stress-free dentistry. Dr Trakhtman assists many patients who may feel anxious and apprehensive about dental treatment or patients who have had bad experiences with dental treatment in the past. She also takes pride in treating her patients with the utmost dignity and respect, putting in the time and effort in listening to what the patient wants and working together with the patient to achieving the goal.

Dr Rita Trakhtman finished her Masters in Dentistry with an Academic Excellence scholarship from La Trobe University, Victoria.  She also has a background in pharmacy. She is enthusiastic about caring for children.She is an active member of the Special Needs Dentistry Committee.

Dr Trakhtman has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry  and improving people’s smiles. She travelled to Europe and U.S.A. and participated in internationally renowned dental conferences and workshops, teaching dentists how to use the premier composite veneers template system, Uveneer, which she uses herself.

Forward thinking and innovative, Dr Rita can offer advanced cosmetic dental treatment using latest technologies, at affordable prices.

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