We’d like to offer all our patients a very warm welcome to our practice. Dental Art is focused on providing professional, personalised dental care in a warm and tranquil environment. Our dental practice is well-equipped with up-to-date technology, allowing us to quickly diagnose any dental problems and to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment.
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Looking for inspiration for a beautiful smile? You’ll find it here.

Many patients come to us with genuine concerns about the appearance of their teeth and mouth. Some even believe there is no solution, however with a gentle and sensitive approach to each person’s needs, we’ve transformed smiles and lives.

Smiling again

Another great result for our patient. Working collaboratively with the dental surgeon and the laboratory, we used implants to transform this smile.

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Dental implants making a difference

This patient was concerned about the unsightly gap in their smile and decided they wanted a dental implant to improve their appearance. They can now feel confident smiling and bite and chew with confidence.

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ClearCorrect the answer to crooked teeth

This patient was always unhappy with her smile, but thanks to Dr Roman Pinkus and ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment, a new beautiful smile was achieved within only four months. She was delighted to find out that ClearCorrect is more affordable than Invisalign and just as effective!

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A new Invisalign Smile

This patients felt embarrassed about the way her front teeth looked. With a treatment of Invisalign, we were able to straighten her teeth, giving her the confidence to smile again.

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Veneers help her smile again

This patient was always unhappy with her smile, but with a treatment of dental veneers on her front teeth, her goal for a new beautiful smile was achieved.

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Missing teeth replaced with implants

Discomfort while chewing and feeling embarrassed about her smile prompted this patient to finally take action. She wanted to replace her two missing teeth at the back to improve her chewing capacity and her smile – and we achieved both objectives with dental implants.

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ClearCorrect braces for a straighter smile

ClearCorrect braces treatment for this smile improved the alignment and shape of the arch and successfully improved the patient’s smile, making this a manageable and effective treatment.

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Implant supported dental bridge

Discomfort and concern about his appearance brought this patient to Dental Art. He was looking for a solution that would make simple things like eating more enjoyable. Our treatment plan for him involved a five unit implant supported bridge – and what a difference it made.

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Dental implants

There is really no need to experience life with missing teeth, as this patient discovered. We were able to transform his bite and chew function – as well as his smile – with a three unit implant supported bridge (left) and one implant and crown (right). The result? A very happy man!

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ClearCorrect at work again

This pleasant young lady presented to us to fix her smile. She was very unhappy with the crowding of her teeth and wanted to find a way to address it. Together we decided ClearCorrect would be an effective solution for realigning her teeth and creating a beautiful smile.

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ClearCorrect Great Results!

This pleasant had severe crowding and for a long time refrained from showing his teeth. The Clearcorrect treatment lifted up his confidence and now he doesn’t stop smiling