Guided Dental Implant Surgery


It is a computer guided implant treatment that is a comprehensive 3D system, for accurate and predictable implant placement, within the jaws for achieving the best outcomes. Computer guided implants planning, is based on sophisticated computer software and the use of specialised imaging modalities, such as cone beam computed tomography scans, which provides the clinician with accurate and predictable surgery options.


Guided implants enable the clinician to assess the patient’s anatomy and see exactly how it co-relates to the future proposed restoration. The treatment plan can be easily shared and discussed with other colleagues, dental laboratory technicians and patients who will all see exactly what the plan really includes for providing guidance and suggestions to improve the results.


These are

  • Predictable and comprehensive dental implant planning and communication with the patient,
  • Patient education, motivation and involvement in deciding the future looks of artificial teeth for satisfactory outcomes,
  • Ease of achieving an Informed consent as it increases the patient’s understanding and acceptance.
  • Predictable results lead to cost efficiency and effectiveness,
  • High degree of precision during implant placement with the use of an implant Guide,
  • Immediate temporary restoration, ready before surgical procedures ensuring immediate Smiles,
  • Less chances of human errors and enables the clinician to perform minimally invasive treatment along with reduced chair time in a single treatment session.

MGUIDE Template

The open-frame design of the MGUIDE template allows an open field of view during surgery, where irrigation and anesthesia are accessible from all angles without removing the template. With a fully customized MGUIDE design, a raised-flap procedure may be performed.

The template is constructed from a strong, durable and biocompatible material. The 3D CAD/CAM design ensures the highest level of accuracy. The lightweight template design is an added benefit for patient comfort as well.


It can create a 3D implant treatment plan taking into consideration both the surgical and prosthetic aspects ensuring the evaluation of the clinical situation from the anatomical information in the (CB)CT scan, such as bone volume and quality, adjacent and neighbouring teeth, vital structures i.e. the alveolar nerve and maxillary sinuses, thorough assessment of the soft tissue thickness from the stone model, virtual planning of the implants based on the clinical situation and finally precise transfer of the digital plan to surgery through computerised programs.

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