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Kids Dentist - Children's Dentist - Gentle DentistChildren’s Dentist Melbourne, Specialist care for your little ones at Dental Art
Dental Art places great importance on your child’s dental health, which is why we run a family-friendly dentistry clinic. Our professional team will guide your child through their three main stages of dental development; providing advice on teething, oral hygiene, and preventive measures such as diet and fluoride supplements.

Some advice for parents:

  • If you children require treatment, or simply a regular visit, it is important that you seek out a dentist who has the right attitude in the treatment of children.
  • Working with children requires great patience and understanding. It is essential to bring the children for an introductory session where they can get to know their dentist and the staff and become familiar with the facilities.
  • It is important to avoid airing such recollections in the presence of young children and to avoid using such words as ‘fear’, ‘pain’, ‘injection’, ‘you are a hero’ and similar frightening words before their first visit.
  • Avoiding making enticements with promises of sweets, ice cream or other gifts since all this does is develops an anticipation in the child that something bad is about to happen, which requires a ‘reward’ afterwards.
  • It is important to take children to their dentist regularly, both to prevent the accumulation of damage and to engender an atmosphere of confidence which banishes fear.

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