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    Teeth Straightening with Fixed Braces

    Restoring teeth beautifully

    Achieving beautiful smiles with traditional metal braces

    Traditional metal or fixed braces are a treatment option that is ideal for straightening teeth in both adults and children. Braces are comprised of metal or ceramic brackets, which are attached to teeth. Wire links the brackets and is adjusted periodically throughout treatment to correct tooth position and bite and chew function.

    As with all braces, we start by assessing your suitability as a candidate for treatment. Your Dental Art St Kilda dentist will perform a thorough examination, including photos, x-rays, and scans. At the same session, we’ll follow this with a detailed explanation of your treatment options, including the likely costs. We advise patients treatment times are a guide and may vary at the time of treatment.


    Want to know more about the traditional metal braces procedure?

    Questions about teeth straightening with traditional braces? Let’s answer them!

    How much do fixed braces cost?

    We tailor every fixed braces treatment to the individual and treatment costs vary accordingly. Before commencing treatment, we’ll provide a detailed treatment plan, which outlines costs. We understand the importance of commencing transformative braces treatment and offer payment options which help make the accessible sooner. Depending on your health fund coverage, you may also be able to access cover for a portion of costs. Our friendly team can provide item numbers on request.


    What are the steps in fixed braces treatment?

    We will take photos and x-rays of your teeth, mouth and face, using a scanner or impressions to capture the shape of your teeth. These images are used to formulate a fixed braces treatment plan.

    Once the treatment plan is completed, we’ll see you again for a follow up appointment at which treatment is explained, along with information about payment options. If you consent to proceed, we’ll complete relevant paperwork and book you in for your first treatment appointment.

    At your first treatment appointment, we’ll bond the brackets to your teeth and place the wires. Thereafter, we’ll see you every four to eight weeks, depending on your treatment. It is essential that you attend these appointments so progress can be monitored.

    Once treatment is completed, we’ll fit you with retainers to ensure the beautiful smile you’ve achieved isn’t lost through tooth movement.

    What materials are used in fixed braces?

    High quality stainless steel and titanium are used in fixed braces, while brackets can be either ceramic or metal depending on patient preference.

    What can I eat during braces treatment?

    We strongly recommend our patients receiving fixed braces treatment avoid hard and chewy foods, including chewing bubble gum, toffee, caramel and chocolate bars with nuts. Take extreme care with other hard foods like nuts, raw fruit and vegetables (e.g. carrots and apples) as these can damage brackets. If in doubt, avoid completely.

    Will I experience pain with fixed braces?

    It is likely you will experience discomfort at the commencement of treatment and after appointments at which adjustments have been made to brackets and wires. Discomfort may last for just a couple of days or as long as a week. We will recommend pain relief to help manage the discomfort.

    How long is fixed braces treatment?

    Treatment times vary from six to 24 months depending on each individual’s circumstances and complexity of their case. Before commencing treatment, we’ll provide an indication of an approximate timeframe, however it’s important to be aware treatment times are influenced by many factors. We strongly advise patients to attend all monitoring appointments to ensure treatment remains on track.

    What about cleaning my teeth with fixed braces?

    Braces treatment is not a reason to overlook your oral hygiene. In fact, it’s vitally important you continue your daily brushing and flossing. Maintaining your daily oral hygiene habits and visiting us for your regular six monthly hygiene visit are the two best ways to avoid gum disease and cavities arising during treatment.

    Do I need to have teeth extracted for fixed braces?

    During our initial assessment, we would determine whether it is necessary for teeth to be extracted. We will make recommendations based on your specific case, and if possible, provide two options: one with extraction and one without.


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    Still have questions about fixed braces?

    The best way to have those answered is to visit us at Dental Art and we’ll address any concerns you have regarding treatment.