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    Pain Management

    A foundation of the very best oral health

    Are you ready to smile at your dentist with happy gas?

    Whether you call it dental sedation gas, laughing gas or happy gas, it is good to know there is an option for pain management with any dental procedure.

    Ideal for patients who experience anxiety when they visit the dentist, or for those undergoing a procedure, dental sedation gas is a colourless gas that has a pleasing taste and odour.

    Prior to a dosage of sedation gas, patients will inhale one hundred percent oxygen through a mask or through a soft nosepiece. Thereafter, the sedation gas is combined with oxygen. It takes approximately five minutes for dental sedation gas to take effect.

    When dental sedation gas is used for mild sedation, you may feel one or a number of the following:

    • Warm, relaxed and sleepy
    • Tingling sensations in your hands and feet
    • Numbness in your mouth, feet, and hands
    • Heaviness or lightness
    • Changes in the way you hear sounds
    • A sense that everything is wonderful

    In very rare cases, some people may experience anxiety.

    Dental sedation gas will not put you to sleep and you will still be able to respond to your dentist’s questions and requests. You may slur when you speak and it may take longer than usual to respond. In general, you will be very cooperative and relaxed. Although you will be aware you are receiving an injection, you may not feel or be bothered by it. Our patients also find their breathing and heartbeat remains stable.

    You should feel normal and alert when the mask is removed although your motor skills and attention could be affected for up to fifteen minutes. After receiving dental sedation gas during your visit, we ask that you wait a minimum of fifteen minutes before leaving.

    If you have any concerns about visiting us or receiving a particular treatment, come and have a chat with one of our friendly dentists.


    We’ll help allay your concerns to give you the confidence to receive the treatment you need.