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We’d like to offer all our patients a very warm welcome to our practice. Dental Art is focused on providing professional, personalised dental care in a warm and tranquil environment. Our dental practice is well-equipped with up-to-date technology, allowing us to quickly diagnose any dental problems and to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment.
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    281 Orrong Rd‎ St Kilda East VIC 3183
    Mon - Thu 9:00AM - 5:30PM | Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM Sat - Sun: By Appointment
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    Our Approach

    Enthusiastic. Reassuring. Professional.


    As the dentist in St Kilda whose been operating the longest, we’ve seen many changes in dental practice. Just like our patients, change and evolution has been part of our story.

    Originally commencing business in the early 1960’s under Dr Kiven, Dental Art established a reputation among its patient community as a dentist with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Over our long history of serving generations of families, we’ve maintained the same steady personal care that distinguishes Dental Art from other dentists in St Kilda and Melbourne.

    As a strong family practice, Dental Art has established a new chapter in its story. The entire Dental Art St Kilda team retains the same values expected by the well established patient community, sharing its unique practice of dentistry. They are most excited about offering patients greater diversity in treatment options, which gives them more opportunity to create the confidence they desire and the smile they deserve.

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    Time poor families

    Many of our patients are families from East St Kilda and surrounding Melbourne suburbs. Time-poor and juggling multiple commitments, a visit to the dentist needs to be as manageable as possible.

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    Knowing your dentist

    It’s hard to build a relationship with your dentist if you see someone different every visit. We value our patients as part of our family, that’s why we aim for consistency. For you this means the same clinician each time we see you, with changes only made in exceptional circumstances.

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    Ongoing education

    Our approach to dentistry is not ‘set and forget’. Like our practice, our vision for patients is results oriented through treatment that endures. We take time to understand you and your needs. We provide education and raise awareness about the immediate and long term benefits of quality oral healthcare.

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    Fear of the dentist

    A fear of the dentist is a real thing for some patients. Whether it’s real or perceived, we acknowledge patient concerns and take steps together to address these with effective strategies, like pain management, trust building, and even hand holding, if required.

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    Managing dental costs

    We get that managing the investment in dental care might stretch even the best budgets. It’s why we find ways to build value into our service. We offer manageable finance payment plans for complex treatments.

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    Dental Emergency

    We always try to see anyone in pain as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. This initial visit allows us to diagnose the problem and to provide immediate treatment to relieve acute pain or discomfort. If required, restorative treatment is given at a follow-up appointment.

    Our approach to your dental health is taking one step at a time

    By providing the very best in dental care is based on understanding you first, then we deliver exceptional care, step by step.

    Step 1 - Understand

    Our first step is to understand you and your dental needs and goals. If you have an emergency, we’ll sort that out. Maybe the whole family needs a hygiene clean. Perhaps you’re ready to invest in you and want a new brighter, straighter smile.

    Step 2 - Support

    Once we’ve addressed any immediate concerns, we’ll work together to realise your dental goals. We understand these might be long term and require your investment. You can relax and feel confident, knowing we’re with you at every step. It’s all part of our approach.

    Step 3 - Maintain

    Exceptional oral health is an ongoing process. It also requires a commitment to maintain if dental challenges are to be avoided. The team at Dental Art understands. Having worked with generations of families, we’re here to help you reach – and maintain – your best dental health ever.

    Dr Roman Pinkus

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