We’d like to offer all our patients a very warm welcome to our practice. Dental Art is focused on providing professional, personalised dental care in a warm and tranquil environment. Our dental practice is well-equipped with up-to-date technology, allowing us to quickly diagnose any dental problems and to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment.
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    Your local Caulfield dentist experienced in every dental emergency

    A dental emergency rarely occurs at a convenient time that’s why it pays to know you have the timely support of a local Caulfield dentist you can trust. That’s where the Dental Art team near Caulfield can step in. We’re experienced at handling every kind of dental emergency:

    • Painful toothache
    • Cracked tooth
    • Tooth or oral infection
    • Dental trauma such as knocking a tooth out.

    The first step to take when a dental emergency arises is to contact us immediately.

    Where appropriate we will offer advice over the phone and schedule an emergency appointment for you as soon as possible. We always try to see anyone in pain as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. This initial visit allows us to diagnose the problem and to provide immediate treatment to relieve acute pain or discomfort. If required, restorative treatment is given at a follow-up appointment.

    Dental emergencies Caulfield


    Tooth pain is often due to a tooth infection. If you have a cracked tooth, your toothache may be caused by a cavity or a leaky filling. As a result, bacteria can get into the tooth, causing an infection in pulp right in the centre of the tooth. The reason you feel pain is because the pulp contains all the nerves. You may also notice the gum around the tooth is red and puffy, or experience a persistently nasty taste or bad breath.

    What about a serious tooth infection?

    In situations were the tooth infection has advanced significantly, root canal treatment may be necessary.

    Our dentists are skilled in the procedure for root canal therapy. We will take time to explain every aspect of treatment so you understand what’s involved. Our approach ensures pain associated with treatment is kept to a minimum, ensuring your tooth feels more comfortable once the procedure is completed. Your tooth can then be fully restored with a dental crown , which helps protect and preserve it.

    Extracting a tooth is always the last resort here at Dental Art, as we will do everything possible to save your natural teeth.

    What to do if you knock out a tooth

    If you have experienced trauma through sport or injury which has resulted in your tooth being knocked out, it is possible to re-implant it successfully, but only within the first half an hour to an hour after the original incident.

    We advise our patients near Caulfield experiencing this kind of dental emergency to rinse off the tooth, then either try to reinsert it yourself and then make an immediate appointment to see your emergency dentist at Dental Art. The other course of action is to store the tooth in a container with a little milk, plain water or saliva and come to Dental Art immediately.

    A word of caution: If your child knocks out a milk (or baby) tooth, please don’t try to reinsert it as this could damage the adult tooth underneath.

    Confused about when to seek immediate dental or medical care?

    We aim to keep things as simple and manageable as possible.

    If your toothache is causing facial swelling, fever or making you feel unwell, seek immediate dental or medical care.

    Like most dental conditions, if left untreated, solutions become more costly and complex. A very bad tooth infection can cause a dental abscess that may affect your general health, so we encourage to take action as soon as possible.

    Regardless of your dental emergency, the Dental Art team near Caulfield is here to support you. We will provide gentle and compassionate dental care to restore your dental health – and your smile.

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